Sons of Anarchy Inspired 2002 Harley Davidson Dyna

Creative inspiration can come from any direction, and in the business of customizing individual and unique works of craftsmanship for our customers, its always great when we can help make a vision come true.

Metalcraft Racing Custom Motorcycles finds its pride when we can help others express their individuality, inspirations, interests, and connections through the motorcycles they ride.


This 2002 Stock Harley Davidson Dyna features a custom exhaust.



Exhaust end-caps and new saddlebag bracket mounts designed and handmade in-house.



Factory front-end removed and replaced with Buell front forks and new wheels and tires.



Designed and handmade in-house battery mount and cover.



Re-upholstered seat completed by Stoney Paul at Thunderhead Designs.



Replaced factory forward controls and re-installed mid-glide.



Bike nameplate designed by Houston Hal.



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